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Somango XXL Feminized (100 seeds)

Somango XXL Feminized (100 seeds)

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Nirvana’s Somango XXL seeds are fantastic producers. They grow highly resistant plants for all climates and produces terpenes reminiscent of a tropical fruit salad. A wonderfully delicious taste accompanied by an overwhelming feel good effect and creative spark. If you enjoy the tropical, fruity, and floral flavors then Somango XXL is a real pleasure.

A monster producing indica dominant hybrid with a delicious tropical mango flavor. She is easy to grow, remains short, and will flower in just 8-10 weeks. Perfect for beginners who prefer exotic tasting terpene profiles and want prolific yields of high-grade buds. Sublime flavors that taste through the roof once in extract form, and the hash and dry sift that she produces are one of a kind!


Somango XXL Feminized is created by crossing the super-tasty Somango, with hybrid Critical 47. The results are a floral hybrid that expresses strong mango and fruit salad terpenes that can flower between 56-70 days depending on phenotype.

This hybrid will offer the best of both worlds, from massive harvests to fruity, mango aromas and flavors. Her resistance has been enhanced further, making her an excellent performer both indoors and outdoors.


This lady is 75% indica, so will stay short, squat, and bushy when growing. A very uniform strain that is ideal for a Sea of Green. The 25% sativa will express itself by adding massive size to the buds during flowering, meaning she is the ultimate hybrid.

As her name suggest, she will get very large, and we are proud to present her as one of our most epic producers. Commercial growers will never look back with this fast flowering indica dominant cultivar.


She has the potential to become huge when grown outdoors. We recommend giving her extra space and height. During the vegetative stage, Somango XXL will grow very fast with long internodal spacing and thin branches. The final height can reach up to 140 cm tall (55 inches), with a stocky profile.

Fungal resistance

She has a good resistance to pathogens, but may suffer from mold when there is a high level of humidity. Heat stress and drought periods are not an issue, and she performs well in colder climates and short summers.

Flowering time


Thanks to her indica dominance, Somango XXL can flower in as little as 56 days, with some bigger yielding phenotypes requiring a full 70 days. Those who are in search of the short-flowering phenotype will find some superb phenotypes from a pack of these seeds.


We advise planting Somango XXL seeds outdoors in Spring time. Harvest date can be expected around early October depending on where you live.

For the best results with this monster producing hybrid, keep the plants in a South facing location for the most direct sunlight. We recommend using a large sized felt pot outdoors such as 100 liters (22 gallons) and apply training to really take her to the next level in terms of production.



Yields can be expected to hit 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot), making her a must-have for beginner growers and commercial growers searching for a truly productive indica dominant hybrid.


She has the potential to grow extra large and produce 1000 grams (35.5 oz) per plant under the right conditions. It is a good idea to stake the plants using bamboo canes or a strong net trellis.

Plant height & structure

A heavily resinous strain that makes superb extracts, that really brings out the extraordinary mango and floral flavors. She is easy to trim, producing chunky, compact colas that ooze resin, not stretching much once flowering begins. Once flowered, she will not stretch much and is straightforward to maintain, meaning she is a wise choice for first time growers.


We recommend topping this strain at least twice during 18/6 to promote a bushy and thick canopy. She also reacts very well to pruning, allowing her to focus all her energy on the biggest yields possible.

Smell, taste and effect

The aroma of Somango XXL can be described as a fruit cocktail of mango, peach, and Mandarin with notes of earthy citrus. Her flavors are a tropical salad consisting of fresh mango, floral, and fruity sweetness. When smoking a pure flower joint, the taste is a smooth blend of fruit salad with mild earthy and floral overtones.

Despite Somango XXL Feminized being 75% indica dominant, her effects are actually very well-balanced, without the typical effects associated with indica-rich Cannabis. This makes her a great way to start the day, as her effects are upbeat and creative.

Not sluggish or with any unwanted tiredness throughout the day, we recommend this hybrid for smokers who enjoy clarity, creativity, and staying sharp, with a gentle physical effect. Perfect for a day at the beach, out in nature, or just chilling with friends at home gaming or watching a box set.

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If you are looking for a monster producer of tropical-flavored high grade buds, then Somango XXL is the girl for you. An excellent performer for beginner growers and a solid strain in all climates thanks to her quick flowering period and high resilience.

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