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Runtz Feminized (100 seeds)

Runtz Feminized (100 seeds)

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Nirvana's Runtz seeds

If you are a connoisseur smoker and demand only the best flavors, then Runtz feminized is for you! A cross of award-winning parents using Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz feminized is a fast flowering hybrid with impressive yields of glistening buds. Her flavor is exotic and sour and will grow into a medium-sized plant. Flowering time will require 8–9 weeks, depending on the phenotype.

Runtz feminized does not require much maintenance, making her a wise choice for a beginner grower. A solid performing strain which thrives in hot climates, and performs very well in colder climates that may experience short Summers. Unbelievably tasty extracts and hashes can be made from this strain, and with a staggering 24-29% THC, she has the power to blow the socks off everyone!


Runtz Feminized is one of our easier to grow varieties, which is a great entry level point for beginners. A fast flowering strain ideal for commercial growers, with a medium-sized stretch once flowering starts. These plants can take a high amount of nutrients and will flower trichome coated buds that display a purple and pink hues. Runts Feminized works well in small spaces and especially in a Sea of Green set up.


Runtz Feminized is a medium-sized plant, which will express an indica dominance and remain short, Once flowered, expect plants to stretch to a medium height, making this strain ideal for short spaces and reacts very well to plant training such as L.S.T and pruning.

A tough and resilient hybrid which displays the best of both parents when grown indoors. She can also take a higher E.C level than most plants, and can yield impressive amounts of high-grade medicine.


When planted outdoors. Runtz Feminized will perform incredibly well and thrive in a hot climate such as California or The Mediterranean. Thanks to her quick turnaround time, she is also well suited for growers who experience shorter Summer seasons.

Runtz Feminized is a highly resilient hybrid which can be planted in pots such as 50–100 liters / 13–26 gallons, and should be kept in a South facing location for the best results.

Fungal resistance

She is a strong, resilient and solid performer and will produce great results under all types of weather. Runtz feminized can endure high temperatures and is well suited for hot weather.

Flowering time


Indoors under HID lighting, when growing Runts feminized indoors, flowering time will take between 8–9 weeks, depending on the phenotype and pot size.


When growing Runtz feminized outdoors, we recommend planting at the end of April, with a harvest date scheduled for around the end of October or first week of November.



Runtz feminized is a solid performing variety that can knock out yields of 500-600 g/m² / 0.102-0.123 lbs per square foot. With training and longer vegetative periods, even bigger yields are easily achievable.


Outdoors, Runtz feminized can easily produce yields of 600 grams / 1.3 lbs per plant, and is well recommended to cash croppers, or first time growers looking for maximum production.

Plant height & structure

The structure of Runtz feminized when growing indoors will be a bushy plant that finishes around 130 cm / 51 inches tall. Outdoors, plants can reach as tall as 180 cm / 70 inches in some circumstances.


We recommend applying topping and tying down during the vegetative stage, to get the most productive plants possible. It is also a good idea to prune the lowest parts before flowering.

Smell, taste, and effect

Runtz has an aroma that will remind you of being a child in a sweet shop. A very complex aroma and as her name suggests will have a sherbet, sour, candy, sweetness combined with sugar and vanilla with overtones of citrus. A very special aroma which has to be experienced in person to truly appreciate the complexity.

The flavor of Runtz is what truly makes this strain special, and can be described as a blend of fruity, sugar, citrus, sweet, candy, creamy, vanilla, tart with a sour edge. Every toke of the joint or blunt will have you licking your lips and getting hints of a fruit salad and hard-boiled sweets.

We recommend Runtz feminized to smokers with a high tolerance due to her unforgiving, potency and heavy hitting effects. With an enormous 25-29% THC levels, it does not take long for Runtz feminized to completely put you in another dimension, showcasing her couch locking and therapeutic physical effects.

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