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Critical Autoflower (100 seeds)

Critical Autoflower (100 seeds)

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This is Spain's most popular and productive strain. Well known for her monster harvests, perfume sweet, fruity terpene profile and easy to grow. She performs like no other autoflowering strain when in terms of production indoors as well as outdoors. A must have for commercial growers and those in search of an easy to grow, low maintenance autoflowering hybrid.

Genetics: We crossed our best Ruderalis male with a cup winning Critical. The result is a strain that will take 10-12 weeks from seed until harvest. This Critical has all of the confectionary sweet flavours and a high resistance to colder climates. You can expect massive yields from the Critical. We were able to create a short, low profile hybrid that is perfect for balcony grows and terraces. Now you can grow Spain’s most loved variety all year around with impressive results, both indoors and outdoors.

Strain Characteristics: This lady will grow with a short and stocky profile that is reminiscent of indica Cannabis. A fantastic strain for growing in a Sea of Green where discretion is required. Internodal spacing will be small and there is no need to worry about Auto Critical stretching much once flowering commences. She is capable of yielding 325 - 425 g/m² indoors and up to 150g per plant outside. 

THC levels will range from 15-20% and she will produce large sized buds that have a green and pink tint to them. Her resin profile is prolific making her a great strain for hash makers and extractors. A very enticing terpene profile that is a combination of fresh flowers and savory overtones.

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are upbeat, creative and very sociable. After smoking a joint, her effects are fast acting and will put you into a dreamy state that is a mixture of happy, alert and aware, as well as relaxed and chilled out.

Critical Auto can be enjoyed during all times of the day without any feelings of tiredness, and is recommended for creative individuals, artists, musicians, or those who enjoy getting stuck into a good book. This strain is also well advised for social scenarios and busy working individuals. Medical patients may find this strain to help with improving motivation, focus and clarity and reducing feelings of nausea and sickness.

What makes this strain so great: An extremely low maintenance, easy to grow strain that is a beast producer. Very reliable outdoors due to her high plant resistance factors. Easily one of the biggest producing autos on the market today.

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