Nicole x Banana OG Feminized (100 seeds) - Feminized seeds

Nicole x Banana OG Feminized (100 seeds)


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  • Nicole x Banana O.G Feminized packs a punch when it comes to potency and flavour. An indica dominant strain that is perfectly suited for beginners and will require little maintenance. A rock solid strain that performs incredibly well both indoors and outdoors. Incredible banana, berry, Kush and lemon terps makes this hybrid a must have for indica lovers.

    Genetics: The parents used were Nicole and Banana O.G, two extremely reliable Kush strains that ticked all the boxes when it came down to quality, quantity, potency and flavour. The result is an easy to grow,  tough, sturdy plant that has a strong resistance to plant disease.A true heavy hitter and one of the stronger Kush varieties around.

    Strain Characteristics: Expect Nicole x Banana O.G Feminized to grow to a medium height with short internodal spacing. This indica dominant strain is well suited for growing in a Sea of Green, where yields of 450 - 550 g/m² can be harvested. 

    THC levels will range between 18-20% and she will require up to 10 weeks before she is ready to chop. She is dripping resin from head to toe, and hash makers will be able to work with plenty of high grade leaf material once harvested. When flowering, this lady will produce thick, nugs at each internode, and is easy to trim. 

    Experiencing this strain: Nicole x Banana O.G Feminized is not for the light hearted. This heavy hitting Kush hybrid is ideal for evening times, unwinding after a long physical day, getting stuck into a movie box set, and drifting in and out of dream land with no plans. Smoking too much of strain will put your lights out and send you into a deep sleep, so it is advised for smokers with a high tolerance looking for the best of the best when it comes to pure potency.

    Her flavours are a mixture of fruity, berry, banana, kushy and citrus and her aroma is both pungent and sweet at the same time. Medical patients may find Nicole x Banana O.G Feminized useful for treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, spasms, muscle pains and increasing appetite. 

    What makes this strain so great: Kush lovers will adore this banana flavoured power-house, that can quickly put you in a deep narcotic state if you do not respect her power. Sky high potency and a truly special flavour profile makes Nicole x Banana O.G Feminized a must have for any seed collector.

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