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Cookies Cream feminized (100 seeds)


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  • When you cross Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie together, the result is a groundbreaking hybrid, with insane flavor and aroma. An indica dominant cultivar that is fairly easy to grow, and only takes 7-9 weeks before harvesting. A very generous yielding strain that works very well as a SOG and when planted into large-sized containers.

    A truly magnificent plant that will stand out in any garden, as she grows with extreme levels of thick trichomes, and flowers with green and purple tinted buds. Her extracts are another level to most, and one of the reasons Wedding Cake seeds are highly sought after throughout Europe and the rest of the world. THC levels will test at 25%, making her best suited for experienced smokers with a high tolerance. 


    We recommend this strain to growers with some previous experience, as she can be quite difficult to grow. She can have a very fast turnaround time, and is ideal for commercial scale growers and those searching for quick finishing and highly resilient cultivars. 

    Controlling the stretch may be an issue for those with limited growing space, so it is advised to train the canopy before flowering starts.


    During the vegetative stage, plants will remain low and stretch quite tall once flowering begins. Internodal spacing is short; however, there is an open structure that allows plenty of light and air to enter.

    She can absorb large amounts of nutrients, can endure high levels of stress, and reacts superbly to training methods such as LST, topping and pruning. 


    Wedding Cake seeds will perform amazingly well in hot and cold climates. Thanks to her fast finishing capabilities, she is a great choice for growers who experience short Summers. 

    We recommend growing in either small size pots such as 10 liters (2 gallons) as a Sea of Green, or to use bigger pots such as 50-100 liters (13-26 gallons). 

    Keep plants in a South-facing location for the best results and biggest yields possible.

    Fungal resistance

    She is very resilient to mold, and despite her tight and stacked buds, will not have any issues. Making her a great indoor and outdoor strain for those living in hot or cold climates. 

    Flowering time


    Indoors under HID lighting, Wedding Cake Feminized can take 7-9 weeks, depending on the phenotype. The size of the plants and the amount of nutrients can also make a difference.


    When planted in May, she can be harvested at the end of September or early October, depending on the climate and phenotypes.



    When grown indoors, 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot) can be harvested under HID lighting. With training and extended time under 18/6, yields can be enhanced even further, making her a cash croppers number one choice.


    Outdoors, Wedding Cake cannabis seeds can produce 600 grams (21 oz) per plant under the optimal conditions. Depending on the climate and size of the plants, yields may vary.

    Plant height & structure

    The structure of a mature flowering plant will be tall, with thin side branches surrounding, closely packed together. Plants can grow as tall as 170 cm (68 inches) in some cases, however can easily be controlled when plant training is applied. 


    We advise topping, tying and pruning the plants during the vegetative stage. This will produce a much more bushy and short plant that will only double in size once flowering starts. You can also use a screen and feed the plants through the screen before flowering. 

    Smell, taste, and effect

    Wedding Cake has an aroma that can be described as pungent, spicy, pepper, earthy, vanilla and sweet with a lingering sour cookie dough. If you like Girl Scout Cookies, then this hybrid is the next best thing, and will have you smelling your curing jars all day long and showing buds off to friends. 

    Her flavor is what really separates her from the pack. She will flood your taste buds with some powerful, long-lasting, lip licking terpenes that can be described as a smooth, creamy, cookie dough, with sweet overtones of vanilla and earth.

    After smoking a joint or blunt of Wedding Cake, you will instantly melt away into a dreamy and completely relaxed state. Followed by a soaring euphoria that balances out into focus, creative ideas with an upbeat and happy tempo. 

    A great day time smoke as she won’t cause heavy legs or eyelids, and is well suited for busy individuals and creative people. With THC levels testing at 25%, it is best to take her easy if you are new to smoking.

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    She is one of the biggest things to emerge from the US recently and still at the top of every coffee shop, social club and dispensary menu! Multiple cup winning and producer of the best hash, BHO and rosin around. 

    Order your Wedding Cake feminized seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


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