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Cherry Blossom v2 CBD


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  • Cherry Blossom is a variety of feminised cannabis seeds of photoperic and hybrid origin; it contains genes of 50% Indica e 50% Sativa, therefore it is a perfectly balanced light marijuana. Cherry Blossom is an extremely famous cannabis genetics, appreciated and loved by international level growers from all over the world; such fame derives mainly from its own very high levels of CBD resulting in excellent therapeutic benefits.

    Cherry Blossom has no narcotic effects, but guarantees all its lovers relaxing effects, creative regenerating, it is a perfect marijuana genetics to smoke, or rather to vaporize through a special vaporizer, after a long and hard day of work or study.

    The levels of THC in the buds produced by Cherry Blossom plants are below the legal limit for cannabis cultivation, i.e. THC<0.5%. Furthermore, as it is a therapeutic cannabis variety, it has percentages of CBD (cannabidiol) higher than 15%, other cannabinoids are also present such as 0.2% CBC (cannabichromene).

    Cherry Blossom is a legal cannabis genetics strain that makes plants extremely resistant to various bacteria, moulds, parasites and very harsh climates, making it one of the most used and cultivated seeds by novice growers. Yields from these plants are very low.

    In an indoor grow with Cherry Blossom they will yield up to 550 g/m2, while in a outdoor cannabis grow we will get yields up to 700 g per plant and a rapid flowering from early August to the end of September.

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