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Blue Cheese Autoflower (100 seeds)


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  • Easily one of the most aromatic autoflowering strains on the market today, Blue Cheese Auto delivers on flavour, aroma, effect and easability to grow. A small stealth plant that will reward you with tight buds in 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest.

    Genetics: Blue Cheese Auto was created after crossing both great strains Auto Cheese with Auto Blueberry. A match made in heaven and especially for those who enjoy powerful flavours and a calm free high. We were able to retain the best properties from the parents and have produced a tough, low profile girl who can be grown in a Sea of Green with very little maintenance, making her an excellent choice for growers living in a colder climate who demand resilient and tough plants.

    Strain Characteristics: This hybrid will display an indica dominant growth structure, meaning that she will grow up with a low profile with short internodal spacing. Thanks to her indica heritage, once Auto Blue Cheese is flowering, her maximum height will stay close to 100cm and will produce dense, resin coated buds in 63-70 days.

    Her aroma is what separates her from the rest as we have brought together the deep, fruity, cherry, blueberry and the creamy, pungent dank from the Cheese. THC levels will range between 14-18%, so her effects are not as sleepy as the Cheese and a great choice for those looking for a laid back high and effect. This lady can be a very aromatic strain so make sure you are extra careful when growing her outdoors and indoors

    Experiencing this strain: The effects of Auto Blue Cheese can be described as a feeling of being calm, composed and at peace. Perfect for those who are wanting to unwind after a long physical day and enjoy a dreamy high that comes with an incredible flavour.

    The fragrance of a burning joint is a mixture of creamy, sweet and pungent and when smoking a joint, the flavours are enhanced even further making you want to hold every puff in for as long as possible. The longer you cure Auto Blue Cheese flowers, the more profound the flavours will become making this your new favourite head stash.

    What makes this strain so great: The flavours are off the charts and one of the most desirable strains found across coffeeshops and social clubs and dispensaries worldwide. A personal favourite to many and an extremely reliable strain.

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